6200 Baltimore Ave. Riverdale, MD 20737

Description of the agency: 

HomeFree-USA is homeownership development, foreclosure intervention and financial empowerment organization. We strengthen the financial position and enrich the lives of every-day people through homeownership.

Our signature programs have been the catalyst for the homeownership success of thousands of homeowners. We are very proud of our zero percent foreclosure rate among the homebuyers we have prepared for homeownership.

Since 1995, HomeFree-USA has helped more than 10,000 families experience the accomplishment and joy of purchasing their first home. We have also helped 71,000 homeowners to prevent foreclosure. 

Our mission is to strengthen people through sustainable homeownership and financial education; enhance communities by creating affordable homeownership opportunities through the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of REO properties; and elevate our partners with capacity building assistance and mutually beneficial programs and initiatives.

As a HUD Intermediary, HomeFree-USA oversees a countrywide network of more than 60 affiliated community and faith-based housing counseling agencies that served 35,934 homebuyers and homeowners last year.   Our network represents the diverse interests of 4.5 million consumers.

Application Process: 

HomeFree-USA welcomes applications from agencies interested in joining our nonprofit partner network. We work hard to elevate our nonprofit partners with capacity building assistance and participation in mutually beneficial revenue generating programs and initiatives. The process begins with an introductory, exploratory telephone conference to get an overview of the agency and to give an overview of what we have to offer them. Funding opportunities based on their qualifications and capacity are discussed, as well as the application process and submission timeline. The formal application is then sent to the potential agency for completion. If during the initial conversation it is evidenced that the agency is not a good fit, the reason why is explained, and other options are discussed as applicable. It should be noted that a successful interview and the submission of an application does not guarantee agency approval. Should the agency be denied there will be an in-depth discussion as to why and what can be done to create a better outcome.

Contact Information or for more information: 

Simone Griffin simoneg@homefreeusa.org / (301) 891-8410