36500 Corporate Drive Farmington Hills, MI 48331

Description of the agency: 

Mission Statement = “Through financial knowledge and expertise, we provide high-quality products and services that enable people to enjoy a better quality of life.” 
Vision Statement = “We will be the highest quality provider of effective financial counseling and education and be recognized as such, by consumers, creditors, industry partners, government agencies and other credit counseling agencies.”

The GreenPath team is guided by our three core values – Quality, Integrity, and Teamwork. Our housing counselors deliver a full array of counseling services including pre-purchase, foreclosure prevention, HECM, and debt management. We operate over fifty (50) branch offices throughout the United States, along with a dedicated Call Center. Our focus since 1961 has always been on delivering outstanding, customized service for homeowners seeking assistance with their housing issues. With education comes empowerment – we focus on helping our clients build a better future

Application Process: 

Organizations wishing to inquire about sub-grantee opportunities with GreenPath should contact Mark Munzenberger.

Contact Information or for more information: 

Mark Munzenberger
Director of Housing
248-553-5400 (ext 2466)