Housing Counseling Services

Housing counseling and education provides individuals and families the support they need to achieve and sustain their housing goals. Housing counselors create these positive outcomes by working with consumers one-one-one to set and meet financial goals, create individualized action plans and also by providing education in person and online to share critical information consumers need to become successful homeowners and renters. Individualized counseling sessions are focused on the consumer’s unique financial circumstances and their housing goals. These services are designed to identify obstacles or barriers that may exist and create a plan of action to resolve them so that the consumer is able to achieve his/her housing goals. Depending on a consumer’s needs and goals, housing counseling services and education can cover a range of topics, including: navigating the overwhelming process of buying a first home, what is needed to be a successful homeowner, how-tos in renting a healthy apartment, understanding fair housing rights, or finding accessible housing choices. Housing counseling empowers consumers to feel confident and reduces stress around finding the right housing for themselves and their families. Consumers are also better equipped to make sound sustainable financial decisions for a secure future.

Housing Counseling services include:

  • Homebuyer Counseling & Education
  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling & Education
  • Post-Purchase Counseling & Education
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling
  • Financial Coaching & Education
  • Rental Counseling & Education
  • Homelessness Counseling & Education
  • Fair Housing Counseling & Education

Counseling and Education:

While housing Counseling as a term is widely used across the industry often referring to both education and individual counseling, it is important to note that education and counseling can be two distinct and important services in effectively achieving outcomes for consumers. Both services offer impartial information to consumers. However, the one-on-one level work of counseling also offers advice and guidance based on the homeowner or prospective homebuyer’s goals and specific circumstances.